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How effective is Integrative Wing Chun in real dangerous situation?

A true story about Trevor Job, a student of Sifu Chow, who is going to tell you his life threatening experience on New York City subway platform.

It happened so quick on November 4, 2009. Location was on subway platform in Brooklyn, New York City. I went to take the train home after a business event. I was on the platform waiting for the train when I confronted by two troublemakers. First, I did not pay any attention to them until one of them asked to see what was in my bag. The first thing that came to my mind was to ignore him. but they kept insisting to see what was in my bag. At his point, I knew I couldn't ignore them anymore. I felt that they were going to swipe my bag. I told them to keep it moving. But I was shocked as they felt disrespected when I didn't give them my bag. Then, the bigger guy came up in my face turning his body like he was getting ready to swing at me. I saw his right arm swing back to punch and I immediately stopped it with my Wu-Sao and followed up with a Fat-Sao in his throat. He started to make a choking sound as he hit the ground. Followed by the other guy who started to yell and jump towards me with his hands, as if he was going to choke me. Then, I reacted by Bong Sau to deflect him and came back with a Lop-Sao grapping his arm to wrap around his own neck. Then, I turned him and slamed him on the ground. I finished him with a Choi-Kir to his body. I have been training with Sifu Chow for over a little over a year. I am not a confronatational person, it felt really good I was able to use what I have learned in a real life threathening situation. In practicing Wing Chun it has given me more than just learning how to fight, it has become a way of life and self-defense. I can see myself wanting to learn more and continuing my practice for years to come.