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New YORK CITY - Modern Martial Arts, 78 Reade St. (Between Broadway and Church St.)

Hour: Twice a week - Tue. 7:30 PM -9:00 PM and Sun. 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM.
Initiation Fee: $120 (T-shirt, sash, beginner DVD, technique sheet included).
Monthly Fee $120

New Jersey- AMA Karate, 831 East, Route 10, Whippany.
Hour: Mon. & Wed. 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM and Sat. 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Initiation Fee: $120 (T-shirt, sash, beginner DVD, technique sheet included).
Monthly Fee $120

***TRY A free class or EMAIL to 

New York City Rate: $120 per hour (session), $550 for 5 sessions, $1000 for 10 sessions.
New Jersey Rate: $90 per hour (session), $400 for 5 sessions, $750 for 10 sessions.
Small group training please email to for quote.

Seminar and Certified Instructor Program are available
For details please contact Sifu Chow by Email to



Sifu Lopez started his martial arts training in 1968 at age of 13 in Mas Oyama Karate.
In 1971 he started his first Kung Fu training in Southern Praying Mantis. Following year he found the first Wing Chun school in New York City. He visited the school and was very impressed by Sifu Chow's class. Ever since he started his long term training and relationship with Sifu Chow and Wing Chun. In the early years of Sifu Chow's Wing Chun class, he was one of the top students and had participated in many demonstrations and tournaments with Sifu Chow. Now he has been teaching Wing Chun in Long Island for over 10 years. For more details log on

PHONE: (631) 289-6349.
ADDRESS: Black Belt Academy, 70 Union Ave, Ronkankona , New York 11779
HOUR: Every Mon & Wed 8:30 PM - 10:15 PM FEE: $90 per month. 


Puerto Rico                  Sifu Jose Colon     

Sifu Jose Colon started his martial arts training in 1971 at the Aron Bank Karate & Kung Fu Academy. It was one of the most respectful martial arts school in New York City. It was there he studied Hung Gar Kung Fu. The next year, he switched to Wing Chun under Sifu Chow. For many long hard years, he has learned Wing Chun and participated in many Martial Arts events around the country including Town Hall, Madison Square Garden, and Atlantic City. In 1980 he brought the art of Wing Chun to Puerto Rico. 1992 he moved to Atlantic City, New Jersey and opened a new school there. After the Summer of 1999 he moved again and settled in his homeland...Puerto Rico with his family. Besdie teaching for the people on the Island, he also gives seminar in Florida and Sri Lanka. For more information about Sifu Jose Colon...visit

PHONE: 787-531-9096
School: Calle 14 Q 7, El Conquistador, Trujillo Alto, P.R. 00976
HOUR: Group: Wed. 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm & 9:30 pm - 11:30 pm. Private: Tue. and Wed. 10:00am - 11:30 am



Sifu Julio R. Ferrer began his Kung Fu training in Kwong Sai Jook Lum (Southern Praying Mantis). in 1974, He switched to Wing Chun under Sifu Chow. 1987, he moved to Seattle and began to teach Wing Chun in downtown Seattle. Beside Wing Chun he also practices Wu Dan Qi Gong. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Qi Gong Longevity Association of Seattle. He integrates Wing Chun and Qi Gong for better way of practicing and teaching. To learn more about Sifu Julio log on

PHONE: (206) 227-0482 Email:
BBC Studio: 2306 4th Ave. Seattle, WA 98121
HOUR: Monday, Thursday 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM FEE: $80 per month.



CERTFIED INSTRUCTOR GARY HARRIS. Sifu Gary started his Martial Arts studies in 1978 while attending college.  In 1982 he began training in Hapkido and Tae Kwon Do.  During this time a co-worker introduced him to Sifu Chow who shared his Martial Arts background with Gary and asked if he was interested in learning Wing Chun.  Gary said yes and two years later, in 1984, he started training with Sifu Chow.

Garry Harris is also a Intuitive Healer using healing arts of Eight Pieces of Brocade Qi Gong, Iridology, Energy Healing and other modalities.

Gary will begin teaching Wing Chun in Santiago, Dominican Republic in the summer of 2012.  Call 1- 829-313-0745 for more information.


Sifu Jetsun Feliciano grew up in the Bronx of New York. He started his martial arts training in early teen. He had practiced Fu Jaw Pai, Tae Kwon Do and Kickboxing. He always wanted to expand his fighting skills. In 1993 he visited Sifu Chow's class and instantly knew that " this is what I've been looking for". To make his Wing Chun more integrative, he started to train BJJ about 15 years ago. Now he is a black belt under Carlos Machado BJJ. From "Sticky hand to sticky body" is his integrative training goal.

Moves and Motions. 70-20 88th Street. Glendale, Queens, NY 11385
Please contact him with Email to for class schedule.


Sifu Cliff Kupper grew up in the Bronx of New York City, fighting local bullies from the age of only 5. Through watching Kung Fu movies and street fightings. He started to get into martial arts. Before the age of 12 he had over 100 street fightings which was normal growing up in the Bronx. As a teenager he studied various martial arts such as Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Hapkido and Shaolin Kung Fu. At age of 18 he iirst studied Wing Chun under Sifu Jose Colon. Then, he met Sifu Chow in 2002 for more Wing Chun training. Sifu Cliff runs a WIng Chun Kung Fu school just outside of Atlantic City. He is the founder of the Wing Chun Convention which is currently running through the MMA Sports Expo.

Atlantic City Kung Fu School at 142 Philadelphia Ave. Egg Harbor City, New Jersey 08215
Hour: Over 10 classes weekly, for details visit
PHONE: 609-665-3889


A big fan of Bruce Lee, he started martial arts training in late 70's. After spending a limited amount of time in various styles; such as Hung Gar, Aikido, and self defense techniques training, he was still looking for a style that he could relate to and feel complete. One day he came across to Sifu Chow's Sticky Hand video and thought that was it. That's was 1992. Every weekend he drove all the way down to New York City from his home in Connecticut. But it was worthwhile because he always left the class with both good body and mind. After 16 years of training, he finally earned his instructor certificate. Currently he assists Sifu Chow in his class in Westport and also runs his own class on every Friday evening at Westport, CT. Email to him on

Connecticut - Pinnacle Fitness, 1849 Post Road East, Westport CT. 06880
Hour: Wednesday 6 PM - 7:30 PM
Initiation Fee: $120, Monthly Fee $120


As a sergeant in Special Assignment has joined New York Police Department for 12 years. Beside the skills of Tae Kwon Do and high school wrestling, he realized he needed something more practical for his job in South Bronx, So, he started his Wing Chun under Sifu Chow in 1997. In order to diversify his skills for a tough job, he also trains Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and traditional Japanese comabt Jiu-jitsu. Currently he was promoted to instructor level and assists Sifu Chow to teach his class in the Fight House, Chelsea, New York City. Eddie also ran competitively throughout high school and college with his specialty being the marathon and cross country runner.


Bill Paris began his martial arts training at age 14 with the Ed Parker system of American Kenpo. He laer went on to try Tae Kwon Do and Hung Gar kung fu, but felt that his training lacked effective close-range tactics for reality-based self defense. Having been a Bruce Lee fan for years, he decided to train in Wing Chun kung fu under Sifu Chow in February 1999. He continues to train under Sifu Chow while samultaneously studying Brasilian Jiu-Jitsu and Russian military martial art of Systema. Currently he assists Sifu Chow in his class in New York City. Bill is also a Japanese Language teacher in the New Jersey public school. He has spent 3 years teaching English in Japan. He had a numerous opportunities to visit Japan as an editor and translator for the interactive entertainment industry.


Sifu Mario has trained in martial arts since he was a child. That includes Jodo, Tae Kwon Do, Shaolin, Tai Chi, JKD, even Greco-Roman Wrestling. He met Sifu Chow in 1995 and started to train WIng Chun ever since. Having so many different martial arts background, it has helping him greatly to his skills in learning Integrative WIng Chun. He enjoys both learning and teaching Wing Chun. For more information please log on

PHONE: (51) 3389 27 67 and 966 228 94.
ADDRESS: Academia Miudinho - Av. Saturnino de Brito, 347. Porto Alegre - Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil.
HOUR: Everyday, since 20 H. (8 PM)



Members of Sihing Association are not certified instructor yet. They do not represent Sifu in their areas.

Miembros de la Asociacion no se Sihing instructor certificado todavia. No representan Sifu Chow en sus zonas.
Os membros da Associacao Sihing instructor ainda nao estao certificadas. Eles nao representam Sifu Chow em suas areas.

IWC Sihing Association is an open door to whose schools or instructors who would like to expanse their training and teaching by associate with Sifu's IWC. If you are interest in joining IWC Sihing Association, you may send an Email to


Sifu Ebert started martial arts training in 1981, at age 19. He has covered many styles like Taekwondo, North Shaolin, Judo, Kyokushin Karate, Yang Tai Chi, Lian Gong and Qi Gong Iron Shirt. In 1987, he began to teach. For him, teaching and learning martial arts is to have a deeper understanding between different styles. His students from all walks of life including military police and security guards. He started traditional Wing Chun in 1990 and later studied Integrative Wing Chun under Sifu Chow in 1996/97. The following year Sifu D'Urbano took a group of students including him for further study under Sifu Chow in New York. Beside Kung Fu, he also passion about helping people. In 2008, he graduated from Physical Education and became a Acupuncturist in 2015. He is also a Federal Higway Patrol in Brazil.

ADDRESS: Associacao Kung Fu Tigre-AKFT - Rua Antunes Ribas, 2602 / Room 1, City Santo Angelo, RS, Brazil
HOUR: Regular class on the 2nd, 4th and 5th, 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. For distance students, intensive courses on weekends or holidays. 
PHONE: (55) 98100.1911 (WatsApp) and (55) 99958.9664 Email:




 Sifu Wong began his martial arts training at age of 12. He practiced several styles of Kung Fu under friends of his father. Later on, he took martial arts more seriously and studied Judo, Karate Do. In 1980 he started Wing Chun training in Chinese community of Mexico. 3 years later, he met Sifu Francis Fong and took private lesson from him. He also trained with Dan Inosanto, Richard Bustillo in JKD and Kali martial arts. In 1985, he took sme more advanced training with Sifu Jason Lau. In 2001, he met Sifu Chow and realized the new integrative concept is what he really needs.

PHONE: 55-35-66-54-34.
ADDRESS: Vicente Beristain 32 int 11, Col. Vista Alegre. 06860 Mexico D.F.
HOUR: Saturday and Sunday 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM at Parque Viveros de Coyoacan, Mexico City.


Beside as the chief instrutor of RDTA (Realistic Defensive Tactis Academy) sIfu Kokkorakis also wrote 2 books about Wing Chun, Comprehensive theory & Apllication of Wing Chun Jin Kuen and Wing Chun Siu Lim Tao. Along with his skills on Integrative Wing Chun, he offers different systems of martial arts as well. Like Tai Chi, Chin Na, Kali, even balisong. Classes are divided for kids, women, adults. For details please log onto

ADDRESS: The Grandstand, Carholme Road, Lincoln, UK. Hour: Wedesday & Thursday 6:30 - 9:00


A very talented martial arts lover. He started martial arts training in 1985 with Master Helio, whom he studied Shaolin Style in the State of Ceara, Brazil. 2 years later, he studied Wing Chun with Master Josuel. 6 years later he studied Wing Chun under Master Marcos Natali of Kung Fu Fraternity. In 1995 he connected with National Kung Fu Union also extended more training with Sifu Chow in Sao Paulo. Since then, he has followed the concepts of Integrative Wing Chun and able to expand his knowledge of martial arts to other areas. Now he is a physical education professor, Muay Tai Professor. He has studied JKD, Sanshau, Sanda and Modern Wushu.



All the back to 1987, Silvio traind inTae won Do with the lack of choice of Kung Fu. Through KF Magazine, he met UNK Kung Fu school. Began to train Wing Chun under Sifu D'Urbao in 1988. In 1995 he represented Sifu till 2001. Ascend his passion fo Wing Chun and it's simplicity and efficiency. For more information to train:

Telephone 55-65-8152-9285

Ever since as a child Sifu Fabio Aragao loves Chinese Kung Fu. So, he started Wing Chun training in 1985 under Marcos Natali through Kung Fu Brotherhood Academy. In 1993 he transmit the system to Sifu D'Urbano who is one of the most respected Shoalin and Wing Chun instructor in Sao Paulo areas. In 1995 he was introduced to Sifu Chow for his Integrative Wing Chun which has opened his eyes ever since. After 7 years of hard training, he represented Sifu D'Urbano teaching Wing Chun in 2000. Additional to Wing Chun he teaches Sanda and also as a referee in the modality. To know more about Sifu Fabio and his classes go to the informations below: or Email:
Academy Lysis - Av Anisio Fernandes Coelho #989. Jardim da Penha - Victoria - Espirito Santo. Brazil. Telephone (27) 98174 3829

Was born in Zaheerabad, India 1975. He started martial arts study at the age of 12 yrs. In 1988 he moved to traditional Wing Chun under Sifu SM. Shah. He was awarded with Primary Instructor under Grand Master Tam Hun Fan's Wing Tsun system in 1997. He also participated in many Kung Fu Tournaments. After 25 years in martial arts Sifu Ayub knew he needed to expand his skills and knowledge. After years of searching in 2014 he finally met Sifu Chow and was impressed by the Integrative Wing Chun. After 20 years of teaching old school Wing Chun now he still be able to bring Wing Chun to a new level. 

Maksfusion Martial Arts: Navadweep Apartments Club House Madhapur. Hi-Tech City, Hyderabad, India.
Hours: Twice a week - Thursday and Friday, 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. or call: +91-9440443286


10 Levels of Training

Study of basic structure and theories. In this level you will learn the Siu Lim Tau Form and its application. Good structure and hand techniques will make you stronger and improve your coordination. Good theories allow you to fight smarter not harder.
Study of sensitivity. This level you will learn Sticky Hand which is the most complete training in hand-on-hand fighting. you will also keep refining your coordination in simultaneous techniques as well as your sensitivity.
Study of Chum Kiu Form and its application. In this level you will learn an advanced body structure and footwork. Better Sticky Hand allows you apply more effective techniques. Better footwork allows you seek for better cutting angle.
Study of Bil-Jee Form and its application. In this level you will learn Wing Chun System's best form. It will enhences your Sticky Hand skill. You will also learn long range free sparring skill which including using kicks , elbows and chokes.
The study of Wooden Dummy Form. In this level you will learn the first 5 sections of the whole Wooden Dummy Form. This form is the most powerful training in the system. You will learn the advanced way to develop structure for take down and ground techniques as well.
Completion of Wooden Dummy Form. In this level you will complete the whole form training and finalize the application of each section. Wooden Dummy Form offers more powerful techniques. You will also learn mounting and ground fighting after take down.
7th LEVEL Assistant Instructor
The study of refinement of the all range fighting concept which starts with kicking range, punching range, take down range, mounting range and ground fighting range
8th LEVEL Certified Instructor
The study of Wing Chun weapons Lok Dim Boon Gwon and Bart Chum Doa. This level you learn WIng Chun 6 1/2 techniques pole and Wing Chun butterfly knifes. The weapons training will take you to another level of Wing Chun system.
9th LEVEL Regional Certified Instructor
Study of the whole system which allows you to do the final study of each technique as well as the theories. At this level you should be assisting the teaching of the system.
10th LEVEL Chief Instructor
Leading the development of the system. This is the highest level of IWC system. This level will lead the direction and vision of the system in order to compete with the martial art world.