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$29 each:

P1. Siu Lim Tau shifting Form
Advance your Deflection and Cutting Angles

P2. Long Range Entry Moves

Safest ways from gaps to close contacts

P3. Close Range Sticky Hands

3-Phase Sticky Hands to Controlled-Takedown

P4. Ground Range Submissions
Controlled-Takedown to Mounting and Tap Out




$19 each:

C1. Combat Application - Easy Learning Self-Defense moves
C2. Sticky Hands Training - Learn how to roll properly and multiple techniques
C3. Free Sparring - Expand Sticky Hands to distance fighting
C4. Siu Lim Tau Form - Wing Chun 1st form for basic hand blocks and strikes
C5. Chum Kiu Form - Wing Chun 2nd form for advanced shifting and techniques
C6. Bil Jee Form - Wing Chun 3rd form for finger thrusting and elbow techniques
C7. Wooden Dummy Form 1st part - Step by step on the first 5 sections of movement
C8. Wooden Dummy Form 2nd part - Step by step on the 2nd 5 sections of movement


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1. All videos available in DVD only. Please send your list of order to
2. Shipping charges: a. Free to any where in mainland USA. b. Outside mainland USA (including Hawaii, Fiji, Guam, Alaska) $4.00 per DVD.
3. By PayPal to email address:
4. In USA, you can send check or money-order payable to: Chung Chow. Mail to: 10 Upper Rainbow Trail, Denville, New Jersey, 07834.
5. Out of USA, pay by PayPal to: or Western Union to: Chung Chow at 10 Upper Rainbow Trail, Denville, New Jersey, 07834.
6. Delivery Time: In USA, 3 days if pay by PayPal or money-order. 10 days if pay by check. Ouside USA, will take 2 weeks.
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Sifu Chow,     I recently purchased your Sticky Hands video and I wanted to write and thank you for sharing your knowledge. I appreciate the way you explain things in detail as well as the way you point out the most common errors.
William Hay, Richmond, B.C. Canada

Sifu Chow,     I like your videos very much. Techniques are well demonstrated and become somewhat easy to follow and learn. I wish you all the power, wisdom and success in all of your endeavors in the Wing Chun Kung Fu teaching.
Zards Wy, Belleville, New Jersey

Sifu Chow,     How do you do? I was watching your Bil Jee video recently, and I believe that it is the best yet. The video gave me a complete breakdown of the form and it was easy to follow. Now I have a collection of all your videos, I review these videos like Wing Chun encyclopedia.
Frank Thomas, London, England

Sifu Chow,     Greetings, my name is Chan Ah Kwong, I want to thank you for sharing your Wing Chun. I studied WIng Chun in Hong Kong and moved to US a few years ago. I couldn't find any qualify Wing Chun instructor until I was watching your videos in a friend's home. You are truely one onf the very few original Wing Chun Sifu in this country.
Ah Kwong, L.A. California

Sifu Chow,     I purchased several of your videotapes from BLT, inc. and when I viewed them, I was immensely impressed by not only your highly developed skills, but also by your pool of knowledge. Do you have a book in Wing Chun?
Andrew Tkalcevic, Melbourne, Australia

Sifu Chow,     I started out in martial arts studying Tae Kwon Do and then studied WIng Chun. I think your videos are very instructive. Most insterest me are the "Sticky Hands" and "Free Sparring". Looking forward for more of your videos.
Nicholas Auf Der Mauer, Espoo, Finland

Sifu Chow,     I've studied Judo and Aikido. I did't feel the power until when I watch your video. I got my answer.
Alfonso Clareamunt, Habana, Cuba