Sifu Wilfred Lopez of Long Island, NY

Over 50 years of martial arts experience covers Mas Oyama Karate, Southern Praying Mantis...etc. Fell in love of Wing Chun in 1972 when Sifu Chow opened first Wing Chun School in Chinatown, NYC. His Wing Chun classes in Long Island, NY for 25 years.

For class info: www.wingchunli.net or cuco@optonline.net 

Sifu Julio Ferrer of Seattle, WA

Over 45 years of martial arts experience covers Southern Praying Mantis but switched to Sifu Chow's Wing Chun in 1974 for 24 years. In 1987 he settled in Seattle and opened the first Wing Chun there. He also practices Wu Dan and Silat. 

For class info: www.sifujuliowingchun.com or sifujrferrer@yahoo.com

Under his training, he has certified 3 instructors: (1) Jay Spain of Scottsdale, AZ. jay_camara@hotmail.com. (2) Isish Sevenly. isiah@isightmm.com (3) Dennis Echols jr. cplechols1@gmail.com. They  run classes in Seattle metro areas.

Sifu Jose Colon of Puerto Rico

Started of his martial arts training in 1971 under Aron Bank Karate then Hung Gar finally in 1974 with Sifu Chow. As his assistant he participate many events and demos with him. Now he is running a popular Wing Chun school in Trujillo Alto, PR. 

For class info: www.progressivewingchun.com or sifucolon@aol.com

Sifu Gary Harris of Dominican Republic

Over 40 years of martial arts training includes Hapkido, Tae Kwon Do...etc. He started Wing Chun under Sifu Chow in 1984. He also a Intuitive Healer using Brocade Qi Gong and Iridology for energy healing. He runs private Wing Chun training in Santiago. DR.

For class in Santiago, DR: gary@garyharrishealing.com

Sifu Jetsun Feliciano of Bronx, NY

Over 45 years of martial arts training includes Fu Jaw Pai, Tae Kwon Do...etc. He started Wing Chun under Sifu Chow in 1989. He also a Black Belt BJJ professor under Carlos Machado. His Wing Chun bring you from Sticky Hand to Takedown to ground submission. 

For class info: jetsun.feliciano@gmail.com


Sifu Anthony DeMatteo of Fairfield County, CT

Over 45 years of martial arts training as he started with Hung Gar and Aikido. After viewing Sifu Chow video he started Wing Chun in 1992 and earned a certified instructor after 16 years of training. Now he is running small Wing Chun class in Westport, Connecticut.

For class info: anthonynora@att.net

Sifu Cliff Kupper of Atlantic City. NJ

A senior student of Sifu Jose Colon in early 90's at Atlantic City, NJ. He has also trained in many martial arts prior. He pursued further training under Sifu Chow in 2002. He is the founder of Wing Chun Convention and currently the MMA Sports Expo. in Atlantic City every year. 

For class info: www.ackungfu.net or sifucliff@gmail.com

Sifu Eddie Yee of Queens, NY

As a sergeant in NYPD for over 12 years, martial arts come very handy. After trained in many martial arts, he found Wing Chun is very practical in street. He also train in BJJ and Japanese combat Jiu-Jitsu. He only give private training in Wing Chun.

For class info: megaguns@yahoo.com

Sifu Bill Paris of Paramus, NJ

Has trained Wing Chun under Sifu Chow since 1999, receiving instructor certification in 2008. Selected as a volunteer assistant Street Smart Self Defense Instructor by Montclair State University Police in 2005. Trained in Systema Russian Martial Arts since 2008, becoming a certified Systema Instructor by Master Vladimir Vasiliev in 2005.

For class info: paramusrma@gmail.com

Sifu Mario Da Silva Neto of Porto Alegre, Brazil

Has trained Wing Chun and other Kung Fu for over 30 years. Trained in Sifu Chow's seminar in 1989, San Paulo, Brazil. Then he started distance training under Sifu Chow for 20 years. Got promoted to certified instructor in 2017. He runs classes in Porto Alegre. Brazil.

For class info: www.wingchunbrasil.com or unbreakablewingchun@hotmail.com 

Affiliated Sihings

Sifu Francisco Campos da Silva of Goias, Brazil

A multi-talented physical educator has covers Muay Tai, Sanshau, JKD...etc. First tudied Shaolin style under Master Helio 1985. Then, Wing Chun with Master Josuel. Met Sifu Chow in 1994 as followed his Wing Chun till today.

For class info: sifucampos@hotmail.com

Sifu Silvio F. Cruz of Rio Grande De Sol, Brazil

Trained in 1987 in Tae Kwon Do. A year later through KF magazine he met SIfu D'Urbano at UNK and started his Wing Chun in 1988 and represented him in 1995. Ascend his passion for Wing Chun and it's simplicity and efficiency.

For class info: silviof.cruz@uol.com.br

Sifu Fabio Aragao of Maringa, Brazil

He started Wing Chun under Master Marcos Natali in 1985. In 1993 transfered under Sifu D'Urbano near San Paulo. Met Sifu Chow in 1995 who opened his eyes on Wing Chun. He also teaches Sanda and works as a referee as well. 

Fo class info: fabioargaowc@hotmail.com

Sifu MD. Ayub Khan of Zaheerabad, India

Started martial arts at 12 yrs old. Studied Wing Chun under Sifu SM. Shah in 1988. He was awwarded with Primary Instructor under GM Tam Hun Fan 1997. But impressed by Sifu Chow's Integrative Wing Chun which bring him to a new level.

For class info: maksfusion4@gmail.com 

Sifu Clecio H. Ebert of Santo Angelo, Brazil

Started his martial arts under Tae Kwon Do, Shaolin, Judo, Karate, Qi Gong in 1981. But fell in love of Wing Chun in 1990  and later studied SIfu Chow's in 1997. Beside Kung Fu, he also a Acupuncturist anFederal HIgway Patrol in Brazil.

For class info: chegermany@yahoo.com.br

Sifu Geraldo Jr. of San Paulo, Brazil

Huge lover of martial arts as he also need it to do his security job. Beside Wing Chun he also practices and teaches Kendo. Met Sifu Chow for his Integrative Wing Chun in 20013. Truely enjoy what Integrative Wing Chun brought him a new way to see and to train Wing Chun.

For class Info: satsusumnu@yahoo.com.br